A biography of real-life Detective Robert Marsden who was an officer in the Liverpool City Police Force during the middle of the nineteenth century.  Told through the contemporary newspaper reports and official police documents in which he appears, this book is filled with maps, illustrations and photographs.   Detective Marsden's story is also the story of Victorian Liverpool - its people, police, places and crimes. It will appeal to anyone interested in social and police history, Victorian Liverpool, true crime and the history of British detectives. 



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The book gave a startling insight into life in Liverpool, England’s second most important Victorian city. The rogues, beggars and corner men have free reign forcing the emergence of a formal police force and detective unit. Robert Marsden is one of the latter.  The amazing thing about the book is that it is all true !  I thoroughly enjoyed this book as would any aficionado of the true crime genre.
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Outstanding read, highly recommended. 
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A beautifully illustrated and fascinating insight into the world of a detective in Victorian Liverpool, rife with extreme poverty and, consequently, crime.
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Marsden's law. Very interesting book. Brings home the sometimes ridiculous state of affairs for the quality of tge law in those days. Also, the horrors that people lived in and through.

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